Wednesday, 22 March 2017

An interview with Jack Nesbitt #crimewriter

Q. Welcome to the blogsite, Jack.   Can you tell us about yourself?
A. I’m originally from the North East. I was born in Newcastle, then relocated down to Barnsley, in South Yorkshire, as a young boy.  After leaving school, I worked in engineering for a number of years before eventually working abroad  as a welding contractor.  Divorced with two adult children, I still live in South Yorkshire.

Q.   What prompted you to begin a writing career?
A. Growing up in Barnsley, during the early seventies, meant that it was impossible not to have read local author Barry Hines’s cult classic, Kes, or watched Ken Loach’s film adaptation of the book. The settings and characters, so brilliantly described by Hines, certainly left an impression with me and I think my love of reading and story telling probably stemmed from that period in my life.

Q.   When you’re not writing, What leisure time activities do you enjoy?
A. My biggest vice is trawling around old antique shops and flea-markets, looking for anything from a Clarice Cliff plate or Moorcroft vase, to a chair with Barley twist legs. It’s a compulsion that’s probably cost me thousands over the years, and left me poor and destitute, but as I keep telling myself, everyone needs a guilty pleasure.

Q.  Who are your favourite authors?
A. My favourite authors, tend to be Crime writers… Ian Rankin, Peter James, James Oswald come immediately to mind, but I have a selection of favourite reads in different genres that I bought in my twenties, and every so often I’ll pick them up to read again.  Hemingways ‘For whom the bell tolls’ is a particular favourite and Hubert Selby jr’s ‘Last Exit to Brooklyn is another. I also have works by playwright’s Harold Pinter and John Osborne that I enjoy re-visiting, so my ‘genre’ preference is wide and varied. I’ve also written a humorous account of my travels through Southern Spain during the 1980’s which is as far removed from what I’m doing now as you could possibly get.

Q.  Do you have an office or space for writing? Is it at home or elswhere?
A. When I’m in the process of writing a novel, I’ll get inspiration at the most inopportune times, usually when I’m away from home, so I make sure that I always have a notebook and pen to pull out of a pocket, the moment something interesting comes into my head. It may be a new location, character or plot line and I’ll put it down on paper, immediately, rather than commit it to memory, and risk losing it before I return home. Most of the storyline usually gets scribbled roughly onto a writing pad while I’m settled into an old armchair, then I’ll  type it up later on an old antique writing desk I bought twenty years ago in a moment of madness, when I couldn’t find a Clarice Cliff plate or chair with Barley twist legs.  

Q.  Do you frame your characters from people you know or from your imagination?
A. I think to a great extent, most writers will probably base a character around someone he or she has met previously. It might be just the name or personality trait that has caught the writer’s attention, but it will inevitably be stored and used at some stage in the future.

Q. Which of your books is your favourite and why?
A. My first book:  A ROSE FOR ST AMELIA is a romantic thriller and was published in paperback by vanguard press in 2015. It tells of the dramatic repercussions of a holiday romance between an English woman and her Mediterranean lothario when he takes an ill-judged decision to smuggle drugs for a local criminal gang. It was a milestone for me when writing it, in that it made me realize how much I enjoy the criminal aspect of the plot line. So, although the book wasn’t, in essence, a crime novel, it started the process of writing them.

Q.  Where does your target ‘device audience’ lie?
A. As I mentioned previously, my first book was published in print format, but when I was writing the first of the Charlotte Hope crime novels – ONLY WHEN I DIE – I decided on a new approach, and opted to self publish on kindle instead. I’ve repeated this with the second in the series - IN MY TIME OF DYING – and I’ll probably do so again when I’ve completed the third. After that… who knows?  I actually think I’d quite like all three Charlotte Hope novels to be published together in print as one paperback novel, so perhaps that would be something to look at for the future.

Q.  Which three people from history would you invite to a dinner party and why?
A. This is a question I can have fun with. My preferred choice of dinner guests would probably change from week to week but, at this moment in time, I would choose Andy Warhol, because of my love for abstract and visual art. My second guest would be Richard Burton, and
 I’d ask him, after dinner, to read some of the collected poems of Dylan Thomas. The  third on my list would be a purely selfish choice as I’ve been smitten by Sophia Loren for much of my teenage years, and remain so to this day ( as her photograph, stored  in my phone will testify)

Q. Do you have any social media contactd?
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