Saturday, 10 March 2018

#NickBailey #Heroes #Police

This is a photograph of Nick Bailey. He is a detective sergeant in Wiltshire constabulary. He’s wearing the Queen’s Jubilee Medal which was presented to him in 2012. He deserves another medal since he stands out as an example to what #policing stands for in this country. He’s not a hero. He was doing his job, that’s all. He saw two people suffering from an unknown condition on a park branch. He went to help them. One of them turned out to be a spy recruited by our fearsome MI6 over twenty years ago. (and believe me, they are fearsome) The spy is not a Russian spy, as the media present. He’s a British spy recruited by our intelligence services – Be proud of that – It’s what we ‘re good at, and have been for a very long time. When bombs go off, armed terrorists take over locations intending to kill the innocent, bullets fly, knives stab through the night, or something goes wrong – you will be able to distinguish the police from others on the street. Not because they wear high viz jackets but because they are the ones running forward to the ‘job’…. Whilst virtually everyone else is running the other way. Next time you see a police officer in the street, say thank you…. Why? Because they are part of the emergency services everyone takes for granted. Without them, this country would be a much worse place to live. By the way, Nick Bailey ran forward. He is a hero of the British state and all we stand for – against the Russian gangster state…. I hope he gets a gallantry medal … We are British…. #Heroes #NickBailey #policing